It's been heavily rumoured, but we can take this as confirmation - Batman will appear in Suicide Squad.

It really does look like the set of Suicide Squad has more leaks than the Iraqi Navy, but this particular video strikes us as too well-planned and coordinated.

It's almost like... they want us to talk about it...

In any case, it's as good a confirmation as we're likely to get that Ben Affleck's Batman will appear in Suicide Squad, thus confirming many rumours that have circulated in the past few months.

As you can see, that's Batman sans cape on top of the Joker's sports car. It's not a Bugatti Veyron, as we initially thought. It's a Vaydor Infiniti G35, FYI.

On-set reports confirm that Leto and Robbie have been in costume, taking the Jokermobile for a jaunt through the streets of Toronto / Gotham.


Via YouTube