Collateral and Australia co-writer Stuart Beattie will make his directorial debut with an adaptation of the kid's book, Tomorrow, When the War Began. The books are about a bunch of wily kids who protect their homeland in the midst of an enemy invasion - not a million miles away from the plot of Red Dawn, obviously. The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Beattie and he is aware of the inevitable comparisons with the 80's action flick, which is currently being remade: "Do you remember when 'The Full Monty' and 'Striptease' were coming out together? They came out within months as the exact same premise - the parent strips for money so they can see their kid. But completely different. One was all flash and rockin' body, and the other was completely the opposite, of total insecurity about getting up onstage. We're more like the 'Full Monty' version," he spewed to the trade. Personally, I'd rather look at Demi Moore's ass than Tom Wilkinson's, but I think I get what he means. The film will shoot down under, and also be set there.