I spoke with Irish star Colin O'Donoghue a couple of weeks ago while he was promoting his Hollywood debut, The Rite, and he was understandably ambiguous about upcoming projects.

According to Deadline.com, The Dundalk born actor will play the lead role in Identity, a remake of the Aiden Gillen starring English series for US Network ABC. It's another police procedural action/drama - but that's where the viewers are in American drama for some reason. O'Donoghue will play "an intensely private, psychologically insightful former undercover FBI agent."

There's no guarantee that the project will be picked up to series. There are countless pilots in production at the moment, and very few are actually viewed by an audience other than the studio. It's still a smart move for O'Donoghue; the lines between TV and Movie Stars are much more blurred nowadays - big names regularly do both. He's also talented enough to thrive from whatever exposure he gets from it. Fingers crossed it goes to series. Another Irish actor, Jason O'Mara, is the lead in the already green-lit Steven Spielberg produced show, Terra Nova.