Colin Firth has confirmed that the Old Boy rumours are true and that he has been approached about playing the villain in the Spike Lee directed, Josh Brolin starring remake of the Korean classic. The recent Oscar winner Told Colldier:

"Well I don’t like to discuss things which are in a kind of early stage of - we’re not that closely acquainted with things, but yeah there has been an approach about Oldboy. No decisions have been made yet by anybody." Typically eloquent way of saying that his people are in negotiations with their people, really, but at least there's a possibility of it happening. It's amazing what the combined credibility of Brolin/Lee will get you - apparently interest from an Oscar winner in a supporting role.

It wasn't so long ago that movie fans were going postal about the production happening, as speculation about Will Smith taking the lead creeped around the net. Now, with Lee in control, there's every possibility that we will still see THAT twist.