Rumours that Colin Farrell could be playing Watson, or is at least being considered for the role, have been gaining momentum after Gut Ritchie publically dismissed claims that Russell Crowe was close to signing up for the role as Sherlock Holmes' right hand man. JoBlo first said that an offer went out to Farrell and he knocked it back, but now the site is saying that he's a definite for the role after checking with sources. Robert Downey Jr is playing Holmes, while Crowe is still being linked with a role; this time as Professor Moriarty. In Bruges has garnered Farrell all kinds of credit after a couple of poorly received roles, and this would be his first real mainstream role since Miami Vice (which I still liked, despite a hugely negative response). Again, this isn't old school Holmes, he'll apparently be a brawler this time, while Watson will also don the knuckledusters to kick ass.