The first trailer for 'The Batman' landed online last weekend, showing barely 25% of what Matt Reeves has filmed so far.

With comparisons to the likes of David Fincher's 'Se7en', there's a lot going that hasn't yet been revealed in the trailer. One character that stood out in the trailer, however, was Oswald Cobblepot - better known as Penguin. Played by Colin Farrell in barely recognisable makeup, the performance looked closer to some kind of mob boss than Danny DeVito's over-the-top mutant hybrid in 'Batman Returns'.

If, however, you didn't clock that it was Colin Farrell in the trailer, don't feel bad. People on set had the same problem. In fact, Jeffrey Wright - who plays Jim Gordon in the movie - admits that he walked right past Farrell when he was on set as Penguin. "Colin walked onto set one day and I walked right passed him! I was like 'OK, hey dude what's happening, where's Colin, are we going to shoot?' It was, it's pretty remarkable," Wright told SiriusXM.

Wright also talked about the movie's lack of CGI, saying that everything shown in the trailer was all done in camera. "I think if you look at the trailer, if I am not mistaken, there is not one CGI image in the entire thing. That's all photograph." He went on, discussing how the psychological component of 'The Batman' is very clear, and that there's "a legitimacy and authenticity in that way and then of course the tone as written as well. It's just really emotional and evocative and psychological."

'The Batman' lands in Irish cinemas on October 1st, 2021.