Hollywood's showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down with a constant influx of casting news stories surfacing online this morning.

First of all, our very own Colin Farrell will be teaming up with Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain and Samantha Morton for a movie called Miss Julie. Variety report that the three will star in director Liv Ullmann's screen adaptation of August Strindberg's battle-of-the-sexes play. Set back in 1874, the original story centres on a woman (played by Chastain) who, bored with the social expectations of the society she lives in, turns her attention to her father's servants. Farrell plays the head servant who piques Chastain's interest. Gotta love some upstairs/downstairs romance a la Downton Abbey, especially with Colin Farrell as one of the servants. We'd be ringing his bell non stop.

Then there's the rumours that Charlize Theron is moments away from signing on the dotted line to star in A Million Ways to Die in the West. And while this sounds like a gritty, violent western, it's not. Oscar host Seth MacFarlane has written the screenplay and will helm the movie described as a Western Comedy. MacFarlane may star in the movie too, however his role remains unclear. The film will tell the story of a man who falls for an outlaw's wife upon being taught how to shoot. Theron will take on the role of said woman.

And lastly, there's the rather dishy Avatar star Sam Worthington who has just signed on for thriller For the Dogs. For this film, Worthington takes on the role of a professional killer, hired by a college student to track down and dispose of those who murdered her family. Worthington will also produce this movie, directed by Salt helmer Phillip Noyce.

Consider yourselves informed.