In Colin Dunne - Sculpting Space, New Yorkbased Irish artist Catherine Owens gives us an exquisite 3D glimpse into traditional Irish dancer Colin Dunne’s journey from his childhood world championship days to ensemble work with Riverdance, through Dancing on Dangerous Ground, to his groundbreaking solo show Out Of Time. Owens traces Colin’s achievements as a leading ?gure in traditional Irish dance, and his transition into the more revealing world of contemporary dance and theatre – thus illuminating the thought process of an un?inching artist who constantly seeks to push his own boundaries. 3D excerpts from Colin Dunne’s extraordinary Out Of Time are contextualised by interviews with artists who have in?uenced and supported him over three decades. Owens gives us a ringside seat as Dunne explores his art form, interrogating the solo tradition while connecting with, and paying homage to, unsung and unpretentious masters of the form. Well known for her work with U2, director Catherine Owens is also a pioneer of 3D ?lm. The New York Times hailed her directorial debut U23D as ‘the ?rst IMAX movie to be called a work of art’. Owens’ ?lm is a refreshing and thoughtful look into the creative process of the solo artist.

Deirdre Mulrooney