While they don't come cooler or more charismatic than George Clooney, his work as a director has been pretty hit (Good Night and Good Luck) and miss (Leatherheads), and according to the American critics, Monuments Men is a bit more of the latter.

The film, which also stars Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Cate Blanchett, is released today in the US, and is currently the owner of a shockingly low 31% approval rating on critical accumulation site, Rotten Tomatoes

Of the top dogs, Kenneth Turan of The Los Angeles Times called it "Earnest and well-intentioned but ultimately inert, "The Monuments Men" talks a better game than it can deliver." Other critics too chimed in on the apparently tonally indifferent flick, saying the light heist elements don't mix particularly well with the core message.

Not everyone slated it, though; some of the non 'Top Critics' praised the tribute it pays to American servicemen and women, while the heavy hitting Hollywood Reporter offered faint praise calling it 'mildly amusing'.

Look for our review of it over the weekend when the local embargo is lifted.