We like Clive Owen here at EI, mainly because he's a subtle actor, capable of conveying masculinity without donning a wifebeater and swigging from a bottle of imported beer; but also because he was in Shoot 'Em Up, which cracked us up. Next he'll star in Duplicity for Michael Clayton writer/director Tony Gilroy, opposite his Closer co-star Julia Roberts, then The International, a thriller about corruption in the banking system. But what after these intriguing sounding pictures, I hear you say? Well the former front-runner for James Bond is to headline Cartagena, which according to the knowledgeable folk at Empire, will see Owen play an agent caught up in all that drug ridden shenanigans that goes on sometimes in Columbia. No word on a director yet, but we'll definitely go see it if Owen chews carrots and shoots people again.