Winner, Best Director, Transylvania International Film Festival

Brimming with energy, anger and a sense of youthful frustration, Clip is a film that will divide opinion, but it is also one that demands attention. Of course, teenage angst is a subject matter much beloved of film-makers, but writer/director Maja Milos shows a lot of courage with this bleak and harsh story of teenage self-destruction, with the sense of hopelessness amongst the young generation in Serbia the backdrop.

Sixteen year-old Jasna (an impressive Isidora Simijonovic) lives at home with her parents and younger sister, but avoids taking part in family life. Her only real interests are her posing for her mobile phone, getting drunk with her friends and pursuing Djole. She starts a ‘relationship’ of sorts with Djole, which mainly involves her submitting to his every whim.

Scenes – and there are plenty of them – of Isidora Simijonovic stripping and writhing in her underwear as she poses for the ever-present mobile phone are uncomfortable. But what saves the film is that it dives headlong into the brutal, unpleasant and desperately sad world that may be facing young Serbs as they try and fit in at all costs and become personalities that can deal with their circumstances around them.

Mark Adams, Screen International