Cineworld has confirmed plans to temporarily close all 127 of its UK cinemas and 536 US cinemas this week.

The closure will impact 5500 Cineworld employees across Ireland and the UK.

With over 500 Regal theatres shutting down in the US, the decision will impact 45,000 jobs overall globally.

As previously reported, the cinema chain's announcement follows Universal / MGM's decision to push 'No Time To Die' from its November release to April of next year.

Other films, such as 'Top Gun: Maverick' and 'Black Widow', have been postponed until next year.

Cineworld is also expected to write to the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

They intend to describe the exhibition / cinema sector as "unviable" due to studios and distributors withholding major blockbusters from release.

The coronavirus pandemic has already seen Cineworld lose £1.3billion as cinemas were forced to shut for four months.

Moreover they've been impacted by reduced numbers of customers allowed in screenings upon reopening.

Currently, cinemas in Dublin, including Cineworld cinema on Parnell Street, have been ordered closed over Level 3 restrictions.

As NPHET recently advised a country-wide Level Five lockdown of late, the chances of Dublin cinemas reopening anytime soon look grim.

Moreover, cinemas nationwide could also be forced to close soon.