Although Sinister 2 was a disappointment, it's key to remember that Ciaran Foy did impress with his debut, Citadel, which he wrote and directed.

Blumhouse, the US production company behind Sinister 2, Insidious and Oscar-winning drama Whiplash (yes, really), are joining forces with Irish production group Roads Entertainment for Ciaran Foy's next directorial effort, The Shee.

We're assuming The Shee is a relation to Banshee - which, as we know, is the most terrifying Irishwoman since Senator Fidelma Healy-Eames.

The story, which is set in rural '60s Ireland, sees a young woman who must confront her tragic and violent past as she travels to a remote Ireland. We're guessing Foy is on scripting duties and, to be honest, that's for the best.

One of the biggest problems we had with Sinister 2 was its piss-poor script, so let's hope Foy is able to correct that this time around.

Moreover, the casting for this has Saoirse Ronan written all over it. Failing that, we could see someone like Sarah Bolger taking this on and running with it.

The Shee is scheduled to begin shooting at some point before the end of 2015.