The teaser for Christopher Nolan's next movie, 'Tenet', has debuted in cinemas and is apparently running before screenings of 'Hobbs & Shaw'.

The 40-second teaser introduces John David Washington's character, with the words "TIME FOR A NEW KIND OF PROTAGONIST" and "TIME FOR A NEW KIND OF MISSION" blasted across the screen. As with most Nolan teasers, there's zero plot details and only glimpses of action before it cuts to a spinning title card for 'Tenet', with the 'T' at the end of the title upside down.

The likelihood is that the teaser will go online either today, tomorrow or at some stage over the weekend as Warner Bros. is frantically pulling down pirated videos of the teaser from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Nolan is, of course, a major proponent of the cinema experience and likely pushed for a cinema-first release of the teaser.

Obviously, we're not going to post pirated material online, so we'll give you a quick description of what's doing the rounds. The teaser opens with John David Washington in a suit walking towards a window pane that has two bullet holes through it, before he moves across the pane to another bullet hole. The trailer then cuts to a SWAT team member running towards the camera, and then back to John David Washington lying down and dressed in black, before it finally cuts again to John David Washington wearing a breathing mask as his face lights open from some kind of door opening.

The teaser does feel eerily reminiscent of 'Inception', and already fake images have surfaced online which have used the same font and typeface of 'Inception' for 'Tenet'. However, Nolan has not made any mention of the movie being a sequel, nor is there any confirmed information to support that theory. Going by set footage that's leaked online and what the teaser entails, it looks like it has something to do with time-travel rather than going into people's minds.

Either way, expect to see an official video pretty soon. 'Tenet' is released in Irish cinemas on July 17th, 2020.