Stuck for an original Christmas present idea? Desperate to win the heart of your unrequited love who just so happens to be film obsessed? Then this just might be the clincher.
The kind folk at JDIFF are giving you the chance to buy a season ticket for the 2014 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (taking place between 13th and 23rd February of next year) at the early bird price of 200 squiddlers. So if you buy before January 6th, you'll get 45 quid off.

What comes with such a golden ticket?
Well funny you should ask. Because that's what we're here to tell you.

  1. Entry to every film at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2014*
  2. Feel like a star as you attend every gala event
  3. A sneak preview of the 2014 programme before it is announced to the public
  4. Exclusive Programme Briefing with the Festival Director
  5. Invitations to exclusive parties and events as part of the festival
  6. Priority Booking

Not too shabby when you consider that the festival comprises over 130 films. 130 films for 200 euro and all of those extras? If you're feeling generous, those lucky enough to be on the receiving end will likely be running after You with the mistletoe come Christmas.

More info here.