No-one commits to a role like Christian Bale. Throughout his career the Welsh actor has thrown himself into a range of characters that have required him to gain or lose extraordinary amounts of weight in relatively short time periods.

Think back to his emaciated state in 'The Machinist' or the unrelenting workouts he went through to get in shape for movies like 'American Pyscho' and his several outings as 'Batman'. However, after a recent interview with Variety, it would appear his days of yo-yo dieting for his craft are over.

Speaking about his portrayal of Dick Cheney in Adam McKay's 'Vice', and the 60 pound weight gain he endured, Bale says it might be time to hang up the scales for good.

“You’re absolutely just losing all discipline and gorging like crazy.I need to stop it, it’s not healthy for your body. I’m in my mid-40s now, it’s going to start catching up with me if I don’t start being a little bit aware of my mortality,” he said.

“I have almost always enjoyed transformation – mental and physical, sometimes it can be a great help to look in the mirror and not see yourself, in terms of being able to remove yourself from any kind of a character,” Bale said. “I’m glad I did it, but I think it should be in the past now.”

We're sure his family, and cardiologist, will agree with the move.

Via: Variety