There is going to be another sequel to the cult comedy, Friday, which starred Ice Cube and a young Chris Tucker, reports TMZ.

There was thought to be some bad blood between Tucker and Mr. Cube after the former refused to return to do a sequel when the first film was a surprise hit. The two Chris Tucker-less sequels that followed were both solid hits theatrically anyway, while Tucker headlined three Rush Hour movies, then disappeared for a few years only to be recently announced to be part of the ensemble cast of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. The story comes from the original films Deebo, Tommy Lister who said, "There's a lot of conversation, that's hopefully going down next week with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker about doing one more Friday. This is going to be the big one. We talked on the phone a couple of weeks ago, and I'm going on Chris' private jet to do something in St. Louis, where I chase Chris on the stage." He has a private jet!? What? I'm assuming that's leased.

Tucker and Chris Rock used to get mixed up a lot until folk realised Chris Rock was the talented one.