Adam Sandler is gearing up to produce the last of his first four film deal with streaming giants Netflix and this time he's bringing Chris Rock with him. 

The pair, who last starred together in Grown Ups 2 (we're not counting their respective cameos in Sandy Wexler and Top Five), are set to reunite for The Week Of. The story will follow the week leading up to the wedding of Sandler's character's daughter and Rock's character's son. 

The film will be the directorial debut who had previously made his name as a writer, scripting Sandler comedies such as You Don't Mess With The Zohan, Hotel Transylvania and....erm....Jack and Jill. 

According to Netflix, the three previous films that Sandler has made with the streaming service have been among their biggest releases so it will come as no shock if The Week Of does the same.

By the way, if you think that the fact that this is the fourth movie of Sandler's four picture deal with Netflix means that we've seen the end of his comedies being exclusively released on the service then think again. The star recently signed a new deal which will see him make another four movies with Netflix in the coming years. 

The film is expected to premier on Netflix in 2018. In addition to his appearance in this movie, Chris Rock is also set to make two comedy specials for Netflix. 

If you can't wait until 2018 to get your fill of Sandler comedy then you can watch Sandy Wexler which was launched on Netflix last week. 

Our own Mike Sheridan thought it was quite good. 

Via Deadline