Although most people know Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation, Jurassic World or Guardians Of The Galaxy, there was a time when Chris Pratt was a jobbing actor who auditioned for roles like countless others.

He turned up in Wanted as James McAvoy's cheating friend, he had a small role in The O.C. and he even did voice-work on Ben 10, as well. However, one role that Chris Pratt went up for - and didn't get - was that of Superman in Bryan Singer's ill-fated revival attempt, Superman Returns.

The role eventually went to Brandon Routh and the film more or less made sure that Superman stayed dead until Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel in 2013. As Pratt tells it on last night's Late Night With Stephen Colbert, he was excited about it and like he could have got it - but the casting director didn't think so. Still, it's safe to say that Pratt got the better deal of it as he's now one of the biggest actors working today.

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