Despite Michelle MacLaren leaving before it even started, Wonder Woman is still hurtling towards its 2017 release date.

In a matter of days, Patti Smith was taken on to replace MacLaren. Now it seems we've got more casting news.

Chris Pine, who played Captain Kirk in the JJ Abrams reboot, is reportedly in final talks to play Steve Trevor. For those unfamiliar with Wonder Woman, Trevor was a US Army officer who crash-landed on Paradise Island, the home of Wonder Woman and the Amazonians - that's the race Wonder Woman belongs to, FYI.

It's understood the studio chiefs are looking to surround Gadot - who's not terribly well-known outside of comic-book audiences - with recognisable faces, such as Pine.

As for story or plot, there's been plenty of speculation but nothing concrete. The character of Steve Trevor featured in the very first Wonder Woman comic-books so it's likely they're going for an origin story with this standalone.

Wonder Woman is due for release in 2017.


Via Variety