So you all know there won't be a Bridsmaids sequel. Which we think is fantastic; sequels often suck, failing to live up to the success, initial impact and general awesomeness of the original movie. (The Hangover, Taken etc) And I'm not talking financially, as we're well aware that Hollywood will churn out sequel after sequel like multi-packs of Johnnies if they continue to rake it in at the box office, even if the movie's total pants (um, Die Hard 5 anyone?).

Chris O'Dowd, who we just can't say enough good things about, is pretty pleased with himself that he doesn't have to return for the standard 'it'll-make-money-so-you're-f*cking-doing-it' sequel. Why? Because he also thinks that sequels are shit.

Speaking at a screening for his new HBO show, The Family Tree, O'Dowd said: “I will work again with that group of people. It's great they are not doing another..sequels are shit."

Showing that it's not all about the money (money, money, cheers Jessie J), Chris continued: "It wasn't a hard decision... We knew during the first one, this was it. We would have made a lot of money if there was a second one, but that's not my goal in my creative life."