Chris Hemsworth is having a huge summer. As if being a part of the third biggest film of all time wasn’t enough (The Avengers), he also had a big part in the current surprise box-office hit, Snow White and The Huntsman. Now, he's going all 1800s.

According to Deadline he'll star in the thriller, In the Heart of the Sea, the true story of which was apparently the inspiration for classic yarn, Moby Dick. It's based around a Nantucket whaling ship which was stalked and destroyed by a sperm whale, leaving the crew lost at sea for 90 days in 1820. Apparently most of the crew were killed, but eight members survived. Jaysis. I had no idea 'Dick' was based on a actual true story, but regardless Hemsworth is solid casting for a manly sailor sort.

Charles Leavitt, who scripted Blood Diamond, has adapted the book, while that film's helmer Ed Zwick, was attached at a point to direct, but not anymore it seems.