More Thor related news now. The chiseled star of Thor and Thor 2 (coming soon) Chris Hemsworth will be taking on yet another role that requires perfectly defined muscles- yup this time he's a crime fighter in a Sony  thriller called Shadow Runner.

Apparently, Shadow Runner's screenplay is inspired by the true story of an Israeli assassination team that tracked the Hamas leader Mahmoud al Mabhouh to a hotel room in Dubai in order to kill him, Hemsworth's role would see him asf the leader of a special team of operatives assigned to politically fraught missions, so say numerous sources. (Digital Spy, Hollywood Reporter) Whether or not the film will be heavily based on true events is still unknown.

Speaking to Deadline about the pending project, Columbia Pictures president Hannah Minghella said "We think the story is a terrific action thriller for Chris Hemsworth and we know this project is in great hands with (producers) Tripp Vinson, Beau Flynn and Will Ward as they develop the film."

Hollywood can't get enough of Hemsworth right now and it seems he's got a busy few years ahead of him with this movie, Thor 2 and he's also attached to Cabin in the Woods and Red Dawn.


Caroline Foran