The next highly anticipated Marvel movie is Thor: Ragnarok but peeps are probably even more pumped up for the next Avengers movies.

Infinity War: Part 1 is currently scheduled for release in Ireland on 27 April 2018 while Part 2 is scheduled for release the following year.

The future looks dim for the original Avengers team following the events of Captain America: Civil War, as well as by the fact that it’s pretty likely that Chris Evans is done with the series after the Infinity War films.

The actor has been promoting his new movie Gifted and while speaking with USA Today, imparted some insight that may hurt Marvel fans even more: "Downey is far closer to reaching that point where he may walk away. And I don't know how you replace Downey as Tony Stark. I don't know who else can touch that."

Like Evans, Robert Downey Jr.’s contract also runs out after the next Avengers films. There’s been some talk of Downey Jr. making an Iron Man 4, but Feige has mentioned going the James Bond route, if it comes to that, to replace him.

"I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be hard for me," Evans said of his own departure. "But the passing of time and the passing of torches is part of the experience. Nothing lasts forever. There’s a beauty in that departure, even if it can be sad at times. It’s also joyful."

"I’ve had a great run. Superheroes are re-inventable entities, like Batman or even James Bond. These movies find new incarnations and new ways to tell the story. I am all for it," he continued. "However they want to proceed after Avengers 4, it’s really up to them. I walk away with no regrets and endlessly thankful."

It looks like the future of Marvel will rest with other superheroes.