Although nobody's really sure when cinemas are going to reopen here in Ireland, China appears to be coming out the other side of all this.

In a bid to get the country back to normal, China eased restrictions on public gatherings and had allowed certain cinemas to reopen - even though nobody turned up for them. However, Deadline reports that the optimism was short-lived, with China's National Film Bureau ordering cinemas closed once again.

Shanghai, for example, was set to re-open 205 cinemas just yesterday, however, that decision was quickly turned around by government officials. Wuhan, the city where the pandemic originated from, lifted its quarantine and has allowed transport in and out of the city.

Here in Ireland, restrictive measures are in place for the next two weeks, with cinemas across the nation closed until further notice and public gatherings of any number being disallowed. So far, the government have not indicated when restrictive measures will be lifted and cinemas can be reopened.

Meanwhile, movie studios are moving release dates on a daily basis, with only the likes of Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet' holding fast to its July release date.