As it absolutely should be.

You really couldn't have a Han Solo standalone movie without having Chewbacca being in there somewhere. It'd be like having a Indiana Jones film without the bullwhip or a Zac Efron film without him being shirtless. The two are intrinsically linked.

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the news yesterday during a press conference where he mentioned that a Han Solo standalone movie will be moving forward after Episode VIII in 2018. Peter Mayhew, the actor who originally played everyone's favourite Wookiee, has been teasing a special announcement on his Twitter.

Most likely, we're thinking, it's something to do with Chewie taking part in the Han Solo standalone movie or that, perhaps, Episode VIII will be his final film. Peter Mayhew's had a few medical issues in the past few years, having had double knee replacement surgery in 2013 and a pretty severe bout of pneumonia in 2015.

There's still no word on who exactly will be playing Han Solo, although that shortlist that did the rounds a few months ago is still confirmed to be the working blueprint for what they're after. It's entirely possible that Phil Lord and Chris Miller - the directors behind the Han Solo standalone movie - aren't going to release the actor's name this side of 2016.