I had braced myself for the brand new Curse of Chucky trailer; the demonic thing gives me a serious case of the creeps and I have a hard time looking ANY doll in the eyes. Then I watched it, even laughed a bit, and realised that either these movies have gotten shit, or I've just grown up.

Though horror in general still scares me senseless - I couldn't tell you the amount of times I've full-forced smacked myself in the face when I suddenly attempt to hide my eyes from the scary sights on screen - so I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that this movie won't be worth writing home about. And that's why it's going straight to DVD. Aha, it all makes sense.

This is the sixth film in the franchise, coming after a 9 year hiatus. Did we miss him? No, I did not. I also thought Chucky had become a girl at the outset of this trailer. Fans who've stuck with Chucky since the beginning may find something here, but those of you looking for a genuine scare may look elsewhere, especially if it's failed to raise the hairs on my pansy-like arms.