A full length trailer has been released for the sci-fi thriller Elysium, starring Jodie Foster and Matt Damon. Set in 2159, the world is not how we once knew it. Split in two the poor live on the the ruins of planet Earth which is full of crime and poverty. While the rich get to live it up in the lap of luxury that is Elysium, a space station orbiting Earth. Matt Damon plays bad ass Max, who has only five days to live and must go on a dangerous mission to Elysium where he will be able to get cured. However Elysium's ruthless Mayor, played by Jodie Foster, will do almost anything to keep him and the rest of planet Earth out of Elysium. And it's not just Damon's fate that lies in the hands of this mission as he may be able to save countless others on Earth as well. No pressure then.

This trailer gives a better insight into the films plot and the characters and also provides some laughs too. All in all this looks like it could be one to watch out for. Elysium is from the director Neil Blomkamp (District 9), a release date is still to be confirmed.

Also released this week was Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. The film sees the broadcaster in the middle of a siege when his radio station has to make redundancies. One disgruntled DJ Pat, played by our very own Colin Meaney, decides he is not going to leave quietly. Pat takes the radio station hostage and will not speak to anyone only Alan leaving it up to Partridge to negotiate a deal. The trailer is pretty funny and looks like the transition from TV to the big screen has been a good one for Partridge. You can check out the trailer here.