Atomic Blonde was easily one of the most stylish films released in 2017, and Charlize Theron proved yet again that she's one of the most compelling female action stars out there.

Directed by John Wick alum David Leitch - who's now currently putting the final touches to Deadpool 2 - the film had a glossy sheen of '80s style and a fantastic soundtrack to boot, so it should come as no surprise that a sequel is now in development according to Charlize Theron herself.

Although there were no details beyond that and whether or not Leitch is returning, a previous interview with Antony Johnston - the creator of the original comic-book - makes it seem like there's hope he'll be back. "Everybody involved wants to do it again, from a creative point of view. All of the creators - Dave (Leitch, director) , Kurt (Johnstad, screenwriter), Charlize - everybody wants to make another movie. It’s just a question of getting financing, getting the studio behind it, finding somebody that will sort of back it, so that we can make more."

Leitch is likely to have a full dancecard once Deadpool 2 hits. He's already been confirmed to direct the Fast & Furious spinoff with Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson, and there's probably going to be other stuff coming down the line as well - so while he may be on for a sequel to Atomic Blonde, making it a reality might be a different story.

Still, we'll always have scenes like this in the meantime.



Via Indiewire