Between this announcement and Elton John's involvement, the cast for this latest Kingsman sequel is quite the eclectic bag. 

Channing Tatum tweeted last night that he'd be involved in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, alongside John, Julianne Moore, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Halle Berry and possibly Colin Firth (he may be returning). As for the tweet itself, well it has a typically Tatum vibe...

According to The Hollywood Reporter: "The upcoming sequel continues the adventures of a wayward tough (Egerton) from the wrong side of London who was taken in and, a la Pygmalion, turned into the best and brightest of British operatives. Tatum’s role is unclear as he was offered several, according to sources. The parts ranged from supporting to cameos. He could even end up playing himself."

 It's due to hit Irish cinemas some time in 2017.