Channing Tatum is looking likely to join the cast of the Jonah Hill penned and produced, 21 Jump Street.

The G.I. Joe star is currently garnering solid buzz for a comedic turn in the Vince Vaughn flick, The Dilemma, and are saying he's already in discussions about joining the flick, which has been a long time in development. When I spoke to Hill a couple of months ago, he said the tone would be very much "action comedy," but for those type of sequences to really work, you need a guy with the build to pull them off - Tatum certainly has that. had a gander at the script and are also saying that it has seriously raunchy comedic elements - homoerotic undertones?

Johnny Depp was the star of the original show, which ran in the 80s, and was a lot of fun. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who directed animated movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, are calling the shots.

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