Having a member of the original cast in a remake can often add an air of credibility.

If they turn up on screen, it's seen either as a blessing or a passing of the torch. Starsky & Hutch had David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser turn up in the final scene, Cape Fear had Robert Mitchum, so on and so on. It's often a big ask for actors to share the screen with someone who played a role they're known for, but some actors just get along with it.

As we reported, there's a gender-swapped version of Splash on the way with Channing Tatum playing the mer-man and Jillian Bell playing the Tom Hanks character. However, Tatum has said that there's a place for Tom Hanks in the reboot, so much so that he's pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to get him onboard.

"I will be washing Tom's car (and) doing everything that I can to get him in that movie!," said Tatum in a recent interview with ET. As Tatum tells it, the whole idea of a Splash remake was something of a joke and that he and Jillian Bell thought the whole thing was a "shot in the dark."

Yet, it has its supporters and even the original director, Ron Howard, has been a fan. "We were sure he was going to say no," Tatum explained. "(But) Ron loved it and supported us going in to Disney."

No official release date has been set, but pre-production is already said to be underway.


Via ET