Having long been mooted for the part, it’s finally been confirmed that Channing Tatum will take on the role of Gambit, a much loved character in the Marvel and X-Men universe.

Series producer Lauren Shuler Donner spoke to Total Film while promoting the latest X-Men flick, Days of Future Past, and when asked about the role said "It is Channing."

Why, might you ask? Well Donner was fairly clear; "He's a rogue, he's a rascal, just like Remy LeBeau.” Adding, "He can handle the action, as we know, and he's got a real good heart, I know him personally."

Tatum has previously spoken of his love for the character too, calling him "suave" and being from around the same neck of the woods was always keen to play him.

Donner added finally, "He'll be great for Gambit, and he's a southerner too, he understands that world, and you know Gambit loves New Orleans."

Tatum just has Magic Mickey 2 to deal with first. Then we can expect firm word on an X-Men film with the actor in tow.