The director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th remakes, Marcus Nispel, is the man who will bring sword-wielding hard bastard Conan The Barbarian back to life. Brett Ratner was in line to helm the reboot of the series, but he is now apparently concentrating on directing the Beverly Hills Cop sequel that he and star Eddie Murphy have hatched together. Directors like Larry and Andy Wachowski and Robert Rodriguez had been pursued to helm at different points, but the producers settled on Nispel, who has had two big hits with both "Friday" and "Chainsaw" and a huge flop with the action film Pathfinder. Never heard of it? There's a very good reason. Anyhow, Nispel shoots a pretty looking film, so if he casts well enough and gets a decent sized budget this could be good fun. Any thoughts on a new Conan, people? The Rock, maybe? McLovin'?