If you happened to read our Worst Movies of 2019 list, you'll know that we specifically held off publishing it because we had to wait and see how bad 'Cats' really was.

To say it was an abomination of nature is an insult to nature and abominations everywhere. If we were to point to a specific reason why the human species no longer deserves stewardship of this planet, it would be the existence of 'Cats'. You might think, "Hey, entertainment.ie, that's just hyperbolic click-friendly writing."

It isn't. We saw it. Words can't do it justice.

Anyway, it's now been confirmed that Universal are now planning a truly unprecedented move that seems almost as misjudged as the entire movie itself. 'Cats' is being sent back to cinemas with updated and improved special effects. According to a report in THR, the version currently screening in cinemas globally will be updated either by today or by this coming Tuesday. In other words, if you want to see the tragically terrible version we saw and every outlet saw, go to the cinema right now.

Of course, one could argue if they were of a conspiratorial mindset that this is just a ploy by Universal to drum up box office figures for people who want to see just how bad 'Cats' was before the supposed new-and-improved version hits cinemas.

To be clear, the problem with 'Cats' isn't that the special effects were poorly made. No, the problem with 'Cats' is that trying to adapt a musical such as this into a movie was never, ever going to work in the first place. Not only that, 'Cats' was a pretty oddball musical in the first place. It's about cats trying to die so they can be reborn, people. It's hubris on a Greek tragedy scale that would make you think you can pull off a 'Cats' movie, with new special effects or not.