Casting details for the next film in Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, are starting to come out. News came out a few months ago that Inception's breakout star Tom Hardy had been added to the ensemble and now a supposed list of potential female leads has been made known to the public. Empire is reporting that the likes of Rachel Weisz, Blake Lively, Naomi Watts, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and, of course whenever Portman's name is mentioned, Keira Knightly can't be too far behind. Details as to what the specifics of the parts are haven't been officially confirmed (why would they be?) but the two jobs are rumoured to be a love interest for Bruce Wayne and a female villain who will (presumably) align themselves with the (presumably) evil Tom Hardy character. We can't wait. Who would you cast from the above list?