Martin Campbell is very much a director in demand after the huge success of Casino Royale. He's currently heavily in production on Mel Gibson thriller Edge of Darkness, while his next project has already been announced; the Kiwi helmer will direct Nagasaki Deadline, which is being described as an action thriller. Flick will centre on an FBI Agent, who must figure out a historical code and puzzles in order to stop an imminent terrorist attack on US soil. The script was penned by David and Peter Griffiths, who last wrote Arnie action film Collateral Damage, while there's been a (probably much needed) rewrite by Cast Away scripter William Boyles Jr. No word on a cast yet, but FBI Agents are generally sought after by the action stars who can do a good ponderous i.e. Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon. But the involvement of an A-lister heavily depends on the script, not just the attraction of Cambell.