Much like the news that Harrison Ford could reprise his role as Han Solo in Star Wars, the thoughts of a Casablanca sequel could too divide opinion. In what we consider to be very exciting news, the granddaughter of Warner Bros co-founder Harry Warner - Cass - has uncovered a sequel treatment written by one of the original three Casablanca screenwriters Howard Koch. Perhaps it was a project in the works that never came to fruition, perhaps it's something that will get a big budget Hollywood treatment today.

As per The New York Post, the sequel to the Oscar winning picture was to be called Return to Casablanca. As for the plot? Koch's script (it's only a treatment, not fully written) brings us to Ilsa and Victor Laszlo (played by the beautiful Ingrid Bergman and the suitably stiff Paul Henreid respectively) as they search for Rick Blaine after he joins Free French troops opposing the Nazis in North Africa.

Front and centre in this plot, however, is Isla's son - now in his twenties - whose daddy was Rick.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Warner said: "For whatever reason [Warner Bros] couldn't justify taking interest in it until it was packaged more... They didn't go, 'What a ridiculous idea'; they went, 'Bring us [a director] we like and maybe'."

Should the brilliance of the 1942 gem be preserved? Or should Sam really play it again?

In our opinion, there's not a single actor/actress that springs to mind who could as perfectly step into the shoes of Ilsa, Victor or Rick, as Ingrid, Paul and Humphrey.

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