The Farrelly Brothers really haven't been funny in a long time; but in saying that they have given the world Dumb and Dumber, Big Ern, and Cameron Diaz dousing her locks with the fruit of Ben Stiller's loins. Now, their dream project is finally coming together, as The Three Stooges movie has attracted a superstar cast. Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benico Del Toro have been tapped by MGM to star in the long in development comedy, that will play as such, and not a biopic as others have speculated. According to Variety, Penn will play Larry, Carrey will portray Curly, and Del Toro will get slapped around a lot playing Moe. Peter and Bobby Farrelly have been pushing hard for the film to happen for many years, and it seems like their passion project will finally get going with a fantastic cast. Carrey in particular will be relishing the chance to stretch his physical comedy chops once more, while Penn hasn't made a comedy since 1989's We're No Angels. Let's just hope it's better than Shallow Hal.