Before we go any further, Caroline lovingly typed this out on her phone a matter of minutes ago. ON HER (*ahems* HTC Android) PHONE. Just bear that in mind when reading the following....

Ever heard the old adage that you should never meet your idol? Well pay no heed to that; often they're even better than you first expected. Though whether I'd refer to Robert Pattinson as my idol is questionable, I'd think of him more as my ideal man, my wild card that no boyfriend can dispute, the guy who, admittedly, has long adorned my desktop background. And no, I didn't tell him about that; scarleh. Anyhoo, it's no secret to anyone who hovers over this here website that I've been hoping and waiting for the moment when I, a bonafide Twi-Hard (not the kind of Twi-Hard that has a pic of Pattinson tattooed on my arse, mind) would come face to face with the sparkly skinned Cullen.

What I wasn't ready for was the moment he'd walk past me in the corridor - pre-interview - and make eye contact with me (or as I prefer to think of it: the moment he looked deep into my soul and we totally connected); my jaw dropped at how ridiculously attractive he is in real life. His jawline was one you could grate cheese with. Followed closely behind by a very petite Kristen Stewart, I thought it was best I shake off the Bambi caught in headlights expression for fear she wouldn't appreciate me ogling her fellah, making for a less than pleasant interview when it came for my turn with her.

Turns out, once you avoid questions referring to the *whispers* affair, she's as affable and jovial as most people you'd meet in these situations, if a little guarded at first. She gave me tips on how to combat jetlag, "always trust your watch, if it says it's 1pm, believe it"; seemed genuinely pleased when I complimented her LA premiere dress - the one which gave you a sneaky hint of bummage - "Wow, thanks man!" and said she's ready and waiting for her invite to Ireland. Do come, but not without Rob. Having now met her (and penned about a zillion articles deriding her for the Rupert Sanders' shitstorm) I feel quite sorry for the level of intrusion she experiences on a daily basis; imagine f*cking up (which we've all done in some shape or form) with the whole world looking at you? Imagine having to apologise to the world and its mother for something that concerns only you and two other people. Her iciness, I reckon, is nothing more than a defense mechanism, she's more misunderstood than anything else. Having said that, I'm still allowed to resent her at times; all is fair in love and war etc.

Moving on to the talking sixpack, Taylor Lautner. I'd been warned that since Lautner had been brought up smack bang in the centre of the media spotlight (he was just 15 in the first Twilight movie) he'd be a bit android-esque, a bit soundbitey. Wrong. He was chatty, warm and up for a laugh. He too is dying to visit the Emerald Isle. We chatted about those scream-inducing topless scenes, how he froze his little nipples off (not literally) filming in the North West, and how he really regrets throwing away his less than flattering Jacob wig. And just like K-Stew, Taylor is as beautiful in person as he looks on screen. An afternoon with these fine folk and you start to feel as though you look like you're made out of spare parts.

Last but by no means least it was time for the man himself, Mr. Pattinson. Pattinson is without doubt the most handsome actor I've had the pleasure of meeting. He's also the friendliest and the most unaffected by fame (sorry Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you've been relegated to my no. 2 spot). Giggling along as he figured out what he was saying, as the words, uncensored, tumbled out of his mouth, "R-Patz" remains as grateful as ever for the platform this has given him. He's not sure yet how he feels about wrapping up, he's dying to get his teeth into his next role opposite Carey Mulligan who he cannot speak more highly of - "she's just sooo good" - and he reckons he'd never be good enough to play Bond (modesty *swoons*).

What's more, he still cannot understand why people scream in his face. He's more shocked at how inaccurate the crazy fans' tattoos are, and he did once offer to bite a fan's baby. Finishing off our brief affair, Pattinson told me that he's just taken up surfing so just might take a trip to the West of Ireland which, I told him, boasts the best waves in the world. Not that I'd know, my only encounter with waves ended with a bellyful of salt water and stingy, red eyes. Not a good look for our first date, perhaps. Then he willingly posed for a pic while I said to myself "Robert Pattinson's arm is around you, take it all in", before expressing his wonder at my weird 3D phone. I then demonstrated how it takes 3D photos as he seemed genuinely amazed, to the point of getting a headache. I told him it was a HTC Android, so if you're reading this, HTC, I'll assume my cheque's in the post. With one last "Have a good day, nice to meet you" from him and a "See you soon" (um, doubtful) from me it was over, just like that. Then a wild goose chase involving five different tube stops to get back to my London diggs slowly but surely brought me back down to earth.

As for the movie? Fans of the franchise will enjoy it; the ending here is far more satisfying than Stephenie Meyer's initial watery conclusion. There's quite a few raunchy sex scenes too, which anyone who's followed their private lives will be glued to. If you're not a fan, avoid. If you are, well you'll go along anyway. It's fun, fast moving and has all the essential bits from the book. Still though, there's nothing quite as creepy as that half human half vampire cabbage patch looking baby. Also, watch out for some cringe-worthy diddley-eye-dom when the Irish vampires make an appearance...

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