A total reimagining of 'Cinderella' is believed to be in the works at Sony, with singer Camila Cabello set to play the title role.

Hollywood is well and truly out of fresh ideas. News coming in this morning is that Sony is fast-tracking a new version of everyone's favourite Damsel in Distress, Cinderella.

However, all might not be as it seems. James Corden, he of 'Carpool Karaoke' fame, and the man who loves the sound of his own voice, has come up with a new, fresh idea for the film that has become synonymous with Disney. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the late night show host will also produce.

Camila Cabello's involvement in the movie will see the singer play Cinderella, her very first acting role. She will also be being heavily involved on the music side of things. Part of Sony's Columbia label, if the movie can create a killer track anything close to the all-dominating 'Havana', then it seems like we might actually be in for a treat. The tracks has over two billion streams on online alone, and is Spotify's most streamed song by a female performer ever.

Also part of the production team will be 'Pitch Perfect' writer and producer Kay Cannon. Maybe with this combination of talent, the movie won't be so bad after all?

In terms of storyline for 'Cinderella' it's pretty safe to assume that it will be a modern-day reimagining of the classic. And unlike Disney's most recent live-action adaptation, music and singing will be a prominent feature.

Fans online have been praising Cabello for securing the role, and are sharing their delight at seeing the Cuban singer in her first acting role.


There's been no word on when 'Cinderella' plans to release, but late 2020/early 2021 would be a good guess.