Avatar is being released again this week, with a whole 8 extra minutes of footage. Evidently Fox haven't made enough dough on the flick, and what to flog it to death, like a weak, toothless hobo that once rocked Zeus-like abs.

A sequel to Avatar is as likely as a Lindsay Lohan relapse, but before that, Cameron has his sights on Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita, Manga adaptation. He told MTV: "They're both possible projects," Cameron said of "Alita" and "The Dive," another effects-heavy flick he's been nurturing for yonks. "I'm sort of weighing this constellation of really cool things I want to do." He then added, "there's 'X' amount of time available, and I do want to do another 'Avatar' film - probably two - and I'm talking to Fox about that now." He said finally, "there's a strong possibility that I might insert one of these other movies in between before I do that. It's all up in the air right now."

Would love to see Cameron tackle another world before embarking on an Avatar sequel, but rereleasing the same flick with a lousy 8 minutes of footage screams cash-in. They could have just thrown it on a special edition DVD.