Now this we would have paid to see: As per The Hollywood Reporter, Cameron Diaz was originally supposed to star in The Counsellor with a Bajan accent. Sadly for us, she was forced to re-record every single line in post-production for fear that she sounded too much like Rihanna. And we all know there's only room for one Bajan accented person in... the whole world? How stupid is that?

That may be the reason, or it may have come down to the fact that Diaz doing a Carribean accent would turn the entire movie into one big comedy. We hear it's tonally confused as is (check out our review here) but this would have surely thrown the entire thing off. Still though, it'd have been fun to hear what THR are describing as a 'full on Rihanna-style accent'.

Thankfully though, for the glut of Cameron Diaz fans who've followed her with their tongues hanging out since her breakout days when she starred in The Mask, the Hollywood execs decided not to cut her very raunchy scene in which she's said to remove her knickers (not Bridget Jones type knickers, sexy ones), and straddle a Ferrari before dry humping its windshield.