Buffy fans out there can rejoice, as its creator Joss Whedon has announced his involvement with a film project after a series of non-starters. First it was a Serenity sequel that didn’t happen, then his much mooted version Wonder Woman. But now he has signed on to co-write, and possibly direct a film called Cabin In The Woods, with Cloverfield scripter Drew Goddard. "There’s a reason the title is so straightforward," Goddard, who co-wrote the script with Whedon, told MTV. "It’s its own sub-genre, the cabin in the woods, and this is sort of our take on it. It’s fresh and new." We have no idea what he means exactly, but it sure has all the ingredients of a horror; generally Cabin + Woods = over elaborate violent death. Goddard was once Whedon’s wingman on Buffy, so this is a reunion of sorts for the popular pair. Whedon is currently working away on his new series Dollhouse.