Anyone catch Bruce Willis on The One Show on BBC last night discussing A Good Day To Die Hard? Die Hard 6 excitement aside, talk about your awkward interviews.

The big man himself was far too cool to speak, Alex Jones seemed miffed and Matt Baker couldn't stop talking about the end of the movie. Spoiler alert there thanks Matt, I know you just loved the movie but if you weren't my favourite Blue Peter presenter I'd have to say mean things about you.

Anyway, while he was there talking about the film (and being dragged kicking and screaming back through just about everything he'd done over the course of his career, bar Demi obvs), the subject of a 6th Die Hard movie came up in conversation and Bruce (who seemed a little out of it to be honest) said he'd definitely be up for the challenge of making another installment.

The latest film in the franchise sees him team up with his son, so provided they both survive the movie we can't help but wonder if the writers are planning a bit of a family affair? A McClane dynasty eh? With Jai Courtney? We think we could live with that.