Now if anyone else told us this we'd probably fall around the place laughing. You know Jack Whitehall? That really posh although rather witty English comedian who pops up on just about every topical chat show couch? Well apparently he's got the chops to become a massive movie star. So says Harvey Weinstein, anyway. And considering the empire Mr Weinstein currently presides over, we reckon we ought to listen up.

Weinstein - founder of Miramax Studios and head of The Weinstein company - met Jack through a mutual friend, James Corden. As quoted by The Sun, Harvey said: "He's the next big British thing. I love Jack, he's so funny. He'd be great in movies."

While another source confirmed Weinstein's enthusiasm: "Harvey thought Jack was hilarious. He's spent a lot of time in England over the years, so he gets our sense of humour... He reckons Jack has got the whole package - looks, wit and acting ability. There isn't really anything like him over there at the moment. It's great news for Jack - Harvey's taste is impeccable."

So that's it; all you need is one multi millionaire mogul to find you somewhat entertaining and you've got a movie career in waiting.