Ahead of the release of 'Captain Marvel', we sat down with the star, Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson.

We asked Brie Larson about how she balances the positive and negative nature of the internet and social media.

She talked to us about how the #BlackPantherChallenge was "just a really awesome experience for [her] to watch the power of the internet and to see how people all over the world could come together for representation."

On ignoring the good and embracing the bad, Larson said: "I had a My Space and then I was off social media for a while and when I chose to go back on, the rule I came up with for myself was just that I wasn't going to believe any of it. Don't take in the good, don't take in the bad because it's all exterior stuff. I know who I am so I don't really need it as a sounding board.

"I use it as a tool, I use it as a way to connect. It's been amazing for me because I've been able to on this press tour find photographers to meet with on every step. It becomes like a pool with a tonne of resources. It's what you choose to focus on and what you want to use it for."

Brie Larson also talked about the greatest challenge of taking on Captain Marvel and loving her unapologetic nature.

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'Captain Marvel' hits cinemas on 8 March.