When it comes to roles we'd like to see Brendan Gleeson play, a crime lord with a bad temper is high on the list. So too is a single father who's way out of his depth. 

That's why today's announcement that he's to play a crime boss who suddenly has to be a full time dad to his daughter is very welcome news indeed.

The film will see Gleeson play Kevin Darcy, a crime boss who specialises in threatening people who can't pay their debts. He's a man that can be quick to lose the rag and on one occasion his short fuse sparks a massive gang war that sees his ex-girlfriend killed by an assasination attempt on him.

Which means that Darcy is then responsible for looking after his seven-year-old daughter, more used to bedtime stories and tea parties than a life of crime. Though Kevin eventually adapts to the role of doting dad, his criminal life is never far behind, with drug dealing circus clowns, Lebanese hitmen and a gang of Hells Angels hot on his trail. 

Mr. Cranky, is just another addition to a full slate for Gleeson as we'll see him on the big screen in among others, Assasin's Creed, Tresspass Against Us and Ben Affleck's Live by the Night over the coming year.

Via Empire