The always watchable Brendan Fraser has signed on to star in the family comedy Furry Vengeance, from Just Friends director Roger Kumble. According to Variety, Fraser will play a real estate developer, whose latest batch of gaff's stretch too far into the Oregon wilderness, pissing off the local wildlife, and causing them to bite and scratch in, we're assuming, a hugely comical manner - hey, there's nothing comical about rabies. Anyhow, it sounds fairly shite; add to the boil that Kumble's last film was the dire College Road Trip and this is could be firmly stamped with AVOID in large red letters. But (and there is a but) Fraser has shown before that he has excellent comic timing, having wrung laughs out of the most mediocre scripts, while also doing the action hero thing so effortlessly, it looked like he was going for petrol. As well as that, Kumble isn't ALL bad. I thought Just Friends had a few laughs; granted, that was mostly thanks to the brilliant cast, but he obviously knows how to let a talented leading man do his thing; so maybe, just maybe, this won't be as big a migrane-inflicting mess as College Road Trip.