Following on from the announcement by Sony, The Interview has been pulled from US screens following a terrorist threat against cinemas that showed the film.

The film, which has been at the centre of Sony Hack, saw Rogen and Franco play two TV journalists who are hired by the CIA to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. The film provoked a response from the Hermit Kingdom, condemning it as an evil act of provocation and promising stern punishment.

Sony Pictures suffered a massive cyber hack in late November which resulted in the posting of the contents of Sony's data servers on the Internet.

Following this, the Guardians of Peace - the hackers behind the cyber-attack - promised there'd be 9/11-style attacks against cinemas who screened the film.

Cinema chains began to pull The Interview from its screens before Sony pulled the plug on its theatrical release, confirming that it will not see a VOD release or a DVD / Blu-Ray release either.

Speaking to, Sony Pictures Ireland confirmed that they have no plans to release The Interview, as per the corporate statement released last night.